Hello SPD Professionals!!!

Hello SPD Professionals!!!

We hope everyone and your families are in good health! 2020 was a difficult year and COVID-19 impacted many people. We have seen healthcare workers dedicate many hours in an effort to help those who were very ill and alone in their hospital beds. We salute every one of them! We also salute every SPD professional who remains steady supporting doctors, nurses, surgeons, and the hospital in general during the pandemic. Yes, we have had to do things differently, some reprocessing guidelines seemed to go against what we were taught … but it is a public health emergency and the FDA has permitted these processes.

We have begun 2021!! The threat of the pandemic still very much out there in fact a more contagious virus has emerged. What are SPD professionals supposed to do? Our processes have not changed, we still have to practice universal precautions and wear appropriate PPE when decontaminating equipment and surgical instruments. The NYC CS Chapter understands the challenges you have encountered and as a professional society we cannot get together in person to hug each other, support you and network. But with COVID-19 also emerged the use of new technology to stay connected.

We have joined forces with Steris, Corp to provide our chapter members free of charge an all day educational program.

Topic: Infection Prevention: What’s Your Role and Responsibility in the Healthcare System?

When: February 20, 2021

Time: 8am- 3:00p


Breaking the Chain of Infection, POU of Medical Devices, HLD vs Sterilization, Is there Really a Choice, Robotics presentation and Collaboration Learning: Social Media, Friend or Foe of the Healthcare System

This program is geared to educated SPD professionals, OR, GI and Infection Prevention. Therefore invite your co-workers.

Stay tune for information on how to log on to the webinar.

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