Quality and Service Excellence is Our Ultimate Goal

Quality and Service Excellence is Our Ultimate Goal

As our field changes with more regulations and mandates we need to prepare to be the best we can be and excel in the jobs we have come to love.   Thirty years ago we didn’t need to know IFU’s, we hardly had any complex instruments and our tasks were simply to deliver some supplies to the floors.   Today we have robots in the OR and most recently robots that can help assembling instrument trays in sterile processing.  What a change from the time that the most complex task was to sharpen a needle on a stone!!

As the need to enhance our knowledge becomes more evident and we strive to become better at what we do, Organizations like the NYC Central Sterile Association work to prepare CS professional to perform their jobs providing first class education.

Today the focus is on providing quality products/trays to the operating room. But how can we achieve that if you do not have the knowledge or the tools?  The NYC CS Association will be hosting a seminar entitled “Quality and Service Excellence is Our Ultimate Goal” with guest speaker Ray Taurasi, IAHCSMM Past President. Ray is being sponsored by Healthmark.  The program will provide a minimum of 4 CEU’s and it will be held on June 30th from 7:30 am – 1:30am.  The location will be announced shortly.

We have additional guest speakers for a program full of trade tools for you to ensure the product produced has the highest quality to ensure patient safety.  Stay tuned to our webpage www.nyccentralsterile.org  to get the latest update on the program.  The registration fee as always is $20 and you can register on-line.  We hope to see you at the program.

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